Why do teenagers use drugs?

Go to any senior school celebration on the Friday or Saturday night and you are likely to see some sort of drug. Some teens may be smoking dope in the backyard or they might be hot boxing it in the vehicles out top, some teens might be doing lines of crack in the toilet, some might be taking roofies right in the middle of everyone. The level is that drugs are frequently very well-liked by individuals in the middle to late adolescent years. Drug use and abuse has become associated with high school in modern America. When teenagers go to senior high school, it’s likely they will come in contact with drugs, and they will be tryed by many when exposed. They may be even sought by some out without being exposed first. Teens and drugs usually go hand and hand today, and this is why numerous parents become very rigid with their kiddies when they come into high school for worry that if they are too lax their children may become involved with drugs.

Now, why do teens use drugs? Obviously, teens and drugs are connected, but why? What can it be about drugs that teenagers seem so drawn to use them for? There are many different reasons for this societal inclination.

The first is that drug use and abuse has been made “cool” in take culture. The others have made drug use look desired, though there are those in pop tradition who condemn drug use and misuse. The rich and famous use drugs at their discretion because they can afford it and typically escape with it. This is promoted by the press and is contained in several films, shows, and in music. They are the people that many younger people hope to become. By doing drugs, they often feel they are mirroring those folks they look around, producing themselves look like they are “trendy” like these individuals, like they are doing as the wealthy and renowned do and which makes them one step nearer. Teens do not often know who they are, and this signifies they usually look up to others and mirror them, if they look up for the wrong people, they might end up doing the wrong things.

Many teenagers feel that they have been sheltered when they enter into senior high school. They are frequently told what to do, told what to experience. In the teen years, individuals start attempting to understand for themselves more. They want to understand what they like and what they don’t like, they want to have new encounters, they frequently want to know how points like sex, drugs, and alcohol feel because they have never been exposed to it before. And so, they test to obtain their own encounters. Unfortunately, even just one testing may lead them down the wrong trail.

Needless to say, teens are rebellious. Within the teenager years, we start to develop and transform hormonally, psychologically, physically, and emotionally. This leads teens to desire to split off and be their own people away from their parents. And because of this, teens usually do things they know that their parents would not approve of because they want to lead their own life the way, have their own encounters, and make their own choices they want to. Rebel is usually what gets some teens to try drugs for the first time, even though they know it’s awful.

Why do teenagers use drugs? To test, to be independent, to be like those they look up to. They’re really the main reasons why teens use drugs. As well as they often use drugs to self-medicate through the modifications they encounter as they grow and create. In brief, the teen years are rough as there’s lots of change and development. And this could all lead teenagers into things which are usually considered overseas and new, including medicines.

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