What is Basic Text?

Basic Text was designed to support those recuperating from abusing drugs. It offers awareness and also enthusiasm for the person who may very well be trying to reach out for guidance. Created by Jimmy K, who created Narcotics Anonymous, the information is fairly a lot like that available at Alcoholics Anonymous AA with an exception. Even though NA was initially founded in the 1950’s, Basic Text was not published until 1983. The book is dedicated particularly for those individuals coping with drug abuse.

Basic Text provides information and facts to those seeking assistance with their own battle with drug use. It’s a compilation of true accounts from people who have safely and effectively overcome their addiction and reviews the 12-step program. Thus, the publication is not merely helpful to those having difficulties with substance abuse but is also motivational. Basic Text is accessible without cost because there are many online websites that will permit the person to download an individual copy absolutely free.

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