TV Show Glee’s Mixed Message about Teen Drinking

Not often are there ever just about any realities guiding the glamorization of teenage consuming alcohol, however numerous shows on tv are not able to display the devastating truth on the pattern. Glee is a newest television show to express teenager alocohol consumption and confuse the tv audiences. Is teen drinking alcohol thrilling or hazardous?

The episode “blame it on the alcohol” might have been performed much better. Of course, it is just a reality that adolescents ingest and of course, it is just a certainty that teens pass away on account of most of these choices. Nevertheless, in lieu of representing teen drinking as a entertaining activity, writers have to take accountability to the visitors that they’re likely to impact. Although the episode did contain designated drivers in the show, the actual dangers of teen consuming just weren’t pointed out. Adolescents that look at drinking as a exciting activity, could imagine that once they employ a designated driver participating in alcohol will not likely carry them almost any damage. We would certainly like to notice a lot more reality and much less glamorization from shows that are sure to have a direct affect today’s youth.

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