The Risks of Ecstasy Abuse

Over the past 50 years, more individuals are becoming conscious of the drug Ecstasy. This drug produces both stimulant and hallucinogenic effects in once. Basically what this substance does is removes the users feelings of stress, alters their perceptions of reality, and creates feelings of excitement and a weird psychological closeness to the others. Not surprisingly, Ecstasy was a very popular drug in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, frequently utilized by the “hippies”. Now, MDMA generates a variety of effects that many may find as positive.

These effects may include:

* Modification of consciousness

* Strong sense of inner serenity and personal acceptance

* Lowered quantities of violence and violence

* Lowered amounts of tension and fear

* Enjoyable moods

* Euphoria

* Feelings of sympathy, compassion, and forgiveness

* Strong emotions of closeness

* Self-confidence * Intensified sensed

* Improvement of satisfaction and perception of music

* Mild to moderate psychedelic

* Improved energy and stamina

* Heightened performance

* Increase want and determination

It is possible to see why some of these effects could be considered good.

Nevertheless, they could not be viewed so optimistic when the undesireable effects are experienced that include:

* Stress

* Paranoia

* Melancholy

* Frustration

* Tiredness

* Reduced performance and consideration

* Dizziness

* Lack of appetite

* Upset abdomen

* Sleeplessness

* Aches and pains

* Tiredness

These adverse effects are almost constantly experienced after the high of Ecstasy. However, these negative effects only describe the most light of the dangers of ecstasy abuse. Regular and extensive Ecstasy abuse has a number of hazards which could influence a person during their whole lives. First of all, one of the worst dangers of ecstasy abuse that is more instant is the danger of seizure and stroke that arises from getting an extreme amount of this drug. These strokes and seizures can result in death in extreme cases. Ecstasy may additionally harm the mind cells that produce serotonin which is a chemical that regulates emotion, cognitive process, memory, and sleeping styles. It may permanently alter the way a person responds with emotions, damage and erase their reminiscences, and change the direction they think which is additionally linked to conduct, if these brain tissues are considerably ruined.

In short, the threat of ecstasy abuse is that it can permanently change a person in undesirable and shocking ways. Although Ecstasy is a drug that many individuals believe they may merely use once to have fun, even that one time use can lead to problems that last a whole life, can actually finish a life. It may be sounded tempting because of the way it can make people feel, however the risks of ecstasy abuse aren’t at all worth by ecstasy.

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