The Kennedy Family Life – Long Struggle with Alcohol

The Kennedy family has always been the most famed families over the past several generations. Among the numerous reasons they are renowned, aside from governmental reasons and devastating fatalities is the fact that booze is always a struggle for the family members. Despite the fact that Ted Kennedy passed in 2009, his family fight with drinking still remains significant as it’s continuing in his child.

Ted Kennedy had been always vocal with regards to his dependence on booze even while his first spouse, Joan fought to keep hers away from the news. Even though he was an alcoholic, he refused permit alcohol addiction describe him, overcoming the habit to be a prosperous politician. Far more overwhelming to the household, is the fact that their own son, Patrick Kennedy, fights with drinking and alcohol abuse issues. In and out of rehab, Patrick’s battle with dependency on alcohol in conjunction with abusing drugs persists the Kennedy Family’s battle against retaining sobriety.

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