Rihanna Rehab

Though popular sensation Rihanna is well known for several of her ballads, the tune “Rehab” earned a splash for all of the wrong reasons. The timing of the release induced a mass media craze and everybody appeared to be trying to translate the message powering the lines. The artist has identified that the lyrics are certainly not relevant to drug abuse and even sex for that matter, but this has still left many fans to believe that the piece of music was composed in relation to the particular star’s also prominent ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Soon after dating for a while, allegations of assault soon erupted after an episode involving a physical altercation amongst the two whereby police were contacted. Rihanna had suffered mild personal injuries immediately after Brown had beaten her within his vehicle. The considerably controversial words as well as the timing of the distribution of the song has caused much speculation. Many assume that the vocals was illustrative of their disorderly romantic relationship and therefore it absolutely was dedicated to Brown.

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