Relapse in Intensive Outpatient Centers

When I placed my own daughter into treatment over her illegal substance addiction in the intensive outpatient center, I understood it was a risk. Everyone close to me advised me that this wasn’t secure enough, that I really needed to put my daughter into some out of the way center in the mountains where she would live until she was well, yet I simply couldn’t put up with the thought of this and neither could she. I was foolish as well as selfish, and yet I didn’t want her to be apart from me while she proceeded to go through such a hard journey. If the girl was actually moving into a center, I wished to be able to always be near so that I could maybe come visit then help at anytime. She didn’t want to move. She wanted to remain home along with get treatment. And I wished the girl close. So, it all made perfect sense that I should probably place the girl in an intensive outpatient center.

Everyone said to me that it was risky. They explained that there had been numerous occasions regarding relapse from intensive outpatient centers. I understood this, however i actually had faith that my daughter would get all the particular help she wanted within the outpatient center which I had found. I had belief that she’d be truthful and not try and skate around anything just because she wasn’t living there and consequently wasn’t well monitored. To me, the idea seemed perfect. My daughter might go receive all those various beneficial treatments and return home to me personally where I’d get a good meal and movie totally ready for the girl to be able to unwind. I thought it looked like a completely well balanced situation. I was simply blind.

My little girl was addicted to crystal meth till we placed the girl in rehab. She proceeded to go through the detox in a medical center and after that started her treatment by means of this particular intensive outpatient center. She would need to go from 9AM to about 4PM on a regular basis where she would have individual treatment sessions, group treatment sessions, classes, and also practices. Then she would carry out yoga and deep breathing till 5 or 5:30PM. She would travel home, and I’d be sure to take care of her from there. That’s just how this was for about a thirty day period and the girl looked to be making marvelous progress.

ThenThen she started looking then acting bad again. Concerned, I got her drug tested. Sure enough, she had relapsed and was actually doing drugs again. She snuck off if it all got to be a little too much and went right back again to her old dealer and began using again. I was most devastated. Now, my own little girl was back to square one, she was one of those that relapse in intensive outpatient centers. I had been a real fool. It was immediately after this that I made a decision to send the girl to some residential center in Utah and that is actually the place where the girl is today. I believe I found out the hard way.

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