Rehab’s Latest Trend: Sex Rehab for the Cheater

First of all Tiger Woods, afterward Jesse James, who’s next? Will depend on who gets busted serial two timing! Sexual activity treatment can be considered more of bull crap when compared with a real rehabilitation stint. Even though sex addiction is actually a condition, that which we are seeing is disloyal men wanting to salvage what is still left of their relationships. Up to now, neither marriage has been rescued because of the sexual addiction therapy.

Serialized infidelity doesn’t indicate there’s an underlying sexual addiction. A few men just still find it difficult to become faithful to a single partner, especially when one partner is continually traveling for work. However, it happens to be an escalating tendency in treatment clinics. The fact is that, while there is no genuine fundamental sex addiction that’s creating the two timing, the treatment is essentially unnecessary. Couples should either cease two timing or cease making reasons for his or her unfaithful behavior to prevent shining a bad spotlight on legitimate sex addictions.

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