Psychodrama in Rehab

Psychodrama has been used as a possible exercise in therapy sessions in numerous therapy facilities. Psychodrama in rehab permits the clients the ability to be in a position to see themselves through the viewpoint of others in their lives, especially family members, close friends and other loved ones. The information which they obtain by performing in sessions of role change can provide the rehab patient a greater belief in themselves which will lead to a productive rehabilitation.

The patient doesn’t continually tackle the role of some other person and act out the way they believe a circumstance would play out. Usually psychodrama requires the individual actively playing themselves as another can take on the role of the individuals inner voice. In some cases, an addict will talk directly to the drug or substance that they’re dependent on. The therapy was designed by J.L. Morenom M.D. Since the early 20th century it’s been employed to address many illnesses such as alcohol dependency, drug addiction, depressive disorders along with anxiousness.

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