Pain Management in Rehab

Pain is usually an base symptom of drug and alcohol abuse. Often a drug addict has depended on illegal substances or abused prescribed or legitimate alcohol and drugs in order to find respite from the pain which has made their existence hopeless. Pain management in rehab is needed in order that the patient can discover an effective way to find other, healthier methods to handle the pain that by self-medicating.

Nearly all addiction rehabilitation centers work toward detox and restoration by utilizing therapy while moving forward with the medical treatment program that the client was on. When, while in the rehabilitation point of the treatment the patient remains being affected by pain, a health care provider and the rehab facility will continue to work in concert to find a pain management plan that can provide alleviation. If the pain is not managed properly, it may create a relapse down the road as the abuser turns once more to self-medication as escape.

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