Miss USA Checks into Rehab

To be a contestant for the Miss USA pageant, you must have a very squeaky nice and clean identity. It would appear that Miss USA ’06, Tara Conner, surely could portray that image and earn the title. Right after the story of her appointment, however, rumors and pictures came to light regarding Ms. Conner’s hard partying ways. Not only was she rumored to be out consuming alcohol very much as well as consuming prescription drugs, but images appeared of her allegedly making out with another Miss USA contestant.

Tara Conner just about sacrificed her title but was spared by Donald Trump in a moment of consideration. Regardless of the accusations of underage drinking, Trump decided to offer Conner another chance with conditions and terms. As a condition of retaining her title, she was expected to enter a rehab facility for her irresponsible drinking. Following the rehab program, she confessed that she observed activities as a kid that contributed to her addiction.

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