Miley Cyrus: The Fake Role Model

Miley Cyrus is a young performer which has won the hearts and minds of numerous supportive females around the world. Having said that, adults are scared at their children wishing to copy Miley Cyrus, someone many people say is a terrible role model.

Since her climb to fame, Miley is not lacking her share of debate. As a teen, she posed for snap shots in her panties and shared them via cell phone. She’s also been seen to park in handicap spaces, claiming to have tachycardia and employing that for an excuse. Never mind the fact that she is capable of giving high energy concerts, taking walks just a few feet ought not to be a difficulty. Her well known photographic shoots at the age of 16 sporting merely a bed sheet is simply too sexy for a music artist her age group, whatever her sex appeal is. Together with activities like these, it’s no surprise that mothers and fathers wouldn’t want their little girls behaving similar to Miley. You can find much better heroines out there for girls to follow.

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