Lindsay Lohan’s Addiction Problems Stem from her ADHD?

It was in the past believed that Lindsay Lohan’s typically unpredictable and dangerous habits had been the result of ADHD. Brought in the spotlight for some wrong doings, Lindsay Lohan was screened and treated by health professionals for this medical problem. Lately however it has been affirmed by her recent physician that she does not have ADHD. Quite a few Americans, especially kids, are wrongly diagnosed each year with ADHD. Many individuals who suffer from ADHD aren’t hyper in the least; in fact, a large number of kids that have ADHD are likely to daze off and gaze into space and are unable to give full attention to jobs currently happening.

ADHD has been routinely confused with bipolar disorder, since they both contain comparable signs in young children. It isn’t till the youngster actually reaches teenage years those warning signs of ADHD and bipolar part ways. It could be decided for Lindsay Lohan that her being addicted to drugs may have stemmed because of this misdiagnosis thus leading her to start to be dependent on a medication that never should have been recommended.

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