Is Oxycontin Abuse better than Heroin Addiction?

I currently have a query that may perhaps help me personally resolve a severe difficulty of mine. The question: is oxycontin use better compared to heroin addiction? The problem: I suffer from an oxycontin abuse issue and I genuinely feel bad about it. You see, I have got this really unpleasant back problem. All my muscles will randomly tense up and not permit me to move. I will wind up immobile as well as in agnony as I only lay wherever I am, it is really terrible. The doctor’s think I have some form of odd muscle reaction problem that I cannot actually spell. They determined that I required actual physical therapy that would help me work out this particular disorder and be able to move on. However, I will need a method by which to cope with the soreness in the mean time. So, he prescriped me those oxyconton pills. I only suppose to take one every morning to keep all the discomfort at bay, however the product does far more than take any pain away. It can make me feel so wonderful, practically like now i am floating.

When I first felt it, I was in fact amazed. I determined to take more than 1 pill one time and began to notice that the product this oxycontin provided me this great high. So, I began abusing the actual oxycontin prescription. I started having several capsules a day to experience the high and consequently that is just what I am still doing today. I know, you are likely to be wondering how I refill on the medications given that I most likely run out of these more than I ought to be now that I’m abusing the quantity of pills. Well, I have determined a means to forge my physician’s prescription and in addition this particular local pharmacy hasn’t recently been carrying out a good job of keeping track of me. I believe they undoubtedly have confidence in my medical doctor to be aware of exactly what he is doing and also exactly how much he is truly supplying me.

Anyway,Anyway, I know that Oxycontin is a pill from the opiate family. I learned that a large amount of people that just can’t get their hands on Oxycontin due to the fact some people are unable to get a new prescription or simply because some people cannot afford a new one that have been using that previously turn to heroin as the replacement. Heroin has always been the most terrible illegal substance throughout our world, but it comes easily and cheap on the street. So, right now there are a large amount of everyday people with Oxycontin problems, like me, that switch to heroin for a lot of the exact effects which oxycontin produces. I’m alarmed regarding it happening to me and consequently now i am wondering if my usage of this abuse issue makes me personally as bad as a heroin addict due to the fact they are related. Is oxycontin abuse better than heroin addiction?

I think what I actually need to take care of is proceed to rehabilitation regarding opiate addiction in general. It’s clear that I have got a condition that could maybe turn into something more. I do not know precisely what levels this problem is really at, whether it might be viewed as bad as the illegal substance addicts who are living on the street dealing drugs, yet I know I currently have a problem which I am never likely to be in a position get over without a professional help.

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