Intervention During Family Week

Any time addiction is addressed with a thirty-day inpatient treatment plan, the program ordinarily features a family week phase. A part of this week is spent on instructing the family members about dependency, its causes, triggers and also what to prepare for from the loved one undergoing treatment. Loved ones might also partake in family therapy sessions. These kinds of sessions are supposed to highlight the multigenerational family patterns, trauma, family dynamics, as well as other contributing factors that could have brought about the addiction.

The definition of intervention means to intercede in a fashion that stops the continuation of a behavior or process. During family week, one of several important steps in rehabilitation for your addict is to face the consequences of what their dependency has done to others and accept accountability for it. Through a guided family therapy session, each family member has the opportunity to notify the addict regarding the suffering and pain they have lived with because of their dependency. This is usually a very dramatic or painful encounter but needed for the conclusion of the twelve-step plan and to achieve rehabilitation.

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