Grace Slick

Grace Slick, in a lot of ways, became the image for substance use in the 1960’s. She penned the anthem of the time period, “White Rabbit” which may be based on the C.S. Lewis story, Alice in Wonderland, featuring substance abuse overtones. The single was responsible for catapulting Jefferson Airplane and Grace Slick to fame. She admits she experimented with drugs in her younger years but her favorite substance is always alcohol. Grace smashed her car into a structure near the Golden Gate Bridge in ‘71 doing 80 mph driving under the influence. She gives credit to a lot of being jailed to being intoxicated. One time, she prepared to put LSD into the beverage of then President Nixon at a White House celebration. Slick spent time in rehab in 1978 for alcohol over use. Sober since the 1980s, Slick chose to pursue a music career but did not gain the success of Jefferson Airplane or Jefferson Starship. By the 1990s, Slick had headed away from music and trained in art. During an interview with CNN, she refers to herself as a nonpracticing alcoholic – someone that doesn’t drink but remains to be an alcoholic.

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