Female Only Rehab

Studies have shown that females coming into therapy usually tend to possibly be single parents as compared to men entering treatment are. Inside a female only rehabilitation center, the difficulties faced by single mothers while in recovery can be treated and are part of the overall wellness program.

Another challenge faced more often by women in therapy is the precise criminal charges that may go along with them. Women are more likely to have been accessories to crimes, been involved in prostitution and worked in drug trafficking. Addressing the legal problems as well as the specifics of these kinds of criminal offenses is an element of the focus in these female only rehabilitation facilities.

A regrettable statistic relating to women only rehab is the fact that anywhere from 30% to 90% of all women in rehab have faced some form of trauma in their life before entering therapy. Women only rehabilitation facility can certainly compassionately address the difficulties in relation to these ordeals and assist the patient acquire coping skills that will help them prevent returning to addiction.

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