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The statistics of drug addiction has been increasing every year. In the United States, more than 30% confess to having used drug on a certain point of their life. With these 30%, about 11% are in need of the substance. There are dissimilarities between men and women on the taken in of drugs. In men, the probability are higher in using drugs as compared to women. It is attributed to the fact that there is more laidback atmosphere when a man goes into drug addiction but with a woman, it’s a much strict field. It must be taken note that there is no difference between men and women in getting dependent to drugs but studies have shown that there is greater psychological harm women gets from substance use. There is a substantial variety pertaining to drug use. There are certain countries where in some substances are used in the open. Nowadays, the use of drugs has increased on the college kids’ population. The prominent drug being used is ecstasy.

There are many theories that can explain the cause of addiction. Behavioral and cognitive theories are part of these explanations. Based on cognitive theories of drug abuse, people have expected outcomes on the use of drug paired with the belief that drug is appropriate to use especially in coping up stress. People who expect drug to decrease their stress and who do not have other means of coping are more likely than others to drink drug when they are upset. These are also the similar group of people who will have problem socially as relation to their drinking habits. On the other hand, behavioral theories believe that behaviors in drinking are mostly mimicked from an individual’s younger self. For example, children and adolescents learn drug related behaviors from the modeling mostly of their parents. Studies have showed that a child of drug addicted parents see a drug as part of daily life.

One of the best ways to help people in drug addiction is to get them into drug rehabilitation. Drug rehabilitation is the procedure where in an individual that is drug addicted is given treatment to have a new life without drugs. This treatment could either be medical or psychotherapeutic. It could also be both. Drug rehabilitation usually requires an individual to be admitted to a drug rehab center. In a drug rehab center, there are many rehab programs that are there to help you in what you really need. One of the most useful of these rehab programs is drug treatment. Drug treatment focuses on helping a drug addict by giving him drug prescriptions to lessen symptoms that comes with the stopping the use of the drugs. There are medications that counter the effects the addicted drugs give. On the other hand, psychotherapeutic treatment entails the use of different techniques to motivate the individuals to stop using drugs, to replace the use of substance as a method of coping up from problems and stress, to modify reinforcements when drugs are used, and to foster adherence to psychotherapy.

Drug treatment for rehab programs is one of the best way to cure drug addiction

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