Dr. Drew vs. Charlie Sheen: A Battle to Sanity

Considering the most current rumor on Charlie Sheen and his possible manic episodes, every psychologist hopes to take a chance at studying Sheen. Dr .. Drew, however, offers his views that Charlie Sheen may just be bipolar, stating that Sheen’s symptoms mirror that of a manic depressive individual.

Dr. Drew, identified by many as a superstar psychologist, is no complete stranger to providing conclusions. He has labeled Sheen as a bipolar character without having previously counseling Sheen. Sheen, alternatively, is not using the public suggestions without supplying up his ideas about Dr. Drew. Sheen notoriously claimed he’d take on Dr. Drew in the ring and show him who’s “winning.” The struggle proceeds, even now, with Dr. Drew persistently diagnosing Sheen’s signs and symptoms and indicating to the fans that Sheen should be taken into legal care. With Sheen being terminated from Two and a Half Men, we’ve yet to see what the long term holds for him.

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