Does Miami Have a Cocaine Problem

When the film “Scarface” premiered in the eighties, it demonstrated a gritty Miami becoming overtaken by the character Tony Montana and his cocaine substance ring. Even though glorifying illegal substances was really a huge aspect of the movie, part of its perspective is in fact based on reality. Miami, like other metropolitan areas in america, contains a challenge with cocaine and also the clients which buy it.

If you think about Miami, first thing that pops in your head may be the sun, fine sand and the seashore. Not to mention every one of the locations and exquisite individuals who stay in the hub, making the area one of the most attractive locations on the planet. Nevertheless, Miami does have it’s darkish underbelly. Harmful drugs most notably cocaine as well as narcotics seem to be widespread and are the products of choice with normal folks dwelling the high life. Though it is probably not at first, damaging the surface discloses a dim and dangerous side to the metropolis.

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