Cost of aftercare/ extended care program

As soon as an addict has concluded a detox and treatment plan it may look like potentially they are finished and have beat their dependency. While in actuality while they might be fairly secure while in the program once they come back to their regular lives a large number of addicts revisit old patterns unless they are taking part in a good aftercare or expanded care plan. The price of aftercare/extended care programs is generally very manageable and will include things like an hourly price for counseling, or even a group-meeting plan. Given that the addict will no longer be living in a treatment facility and additionally doesn’t need the medical related monitoring and all day and night staff available to take care of problems the price is significantly lower to get aftercare.

You can also find plans often called halfway houses, that give the addict to steadily go back to residing by themselves. The price of staying in one of these kinds of aftercare homes can be far lower than being in the facility for treatment. The cost associated with detoxification, rehabilitation in addition to aftercare might seem to be overwhelming but can you place a value on remaining straight and sober for the rest of your lifetime, or maybe learning to reunite with your family after addiction shattered those relationships?

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