Changing Addictions in Recovery

Among the difficulties that we frequently observe in recovery is individuals switching addictions in recovery. It is quite typical for somebody in recovery for one habit to get yet another kind of addiction in the recovery method. Why? Addictive actions is often used to help relieve tension and anxiety.

Those who find themselves hooked on alcohol frequently do so because alcohol helps them to avoid the anxiety and stress in their lives. Take that habit away, and they may not learn to manage anxiety and pressure without some other type of addictive activity.

People in rehab and recovery are taught to manage that stress and anxiety in healthy ways. Regrettably, some people just are not prepared for that type of change, are not prepared to be open for it.

That man who was addicted to alcohol to cope with anxiety and stress goes through treatment and kicks that addiction, only to are addicted to smokes. For some individuals, it is not feasible to deal with everything they feel without some type of addictive actions.

In a manner, switching addictions in recovery can be viewed as a relapse according to the circumstance. A backslide is a slide in healing. In recovery, individuals function to change their life styles to combat unhealthy routines and addictions. Simply changing from dependency to the other is not supportive of a fresh and wholesome life-style that those in recovery should be working to realize.

Of course, some cases are worse than others. Someone heading from alcoholism to smoke addiction is not a desirable situation, however it really is not terrible. But, someone going from heroin addiction to alcoholism is a significant difficulty.

It’s often advised for those in recovery from drug addictions to not start consuming alcohol for this purpose. Alcohol is definitely an addictive substance if mistreated and particularly if the person abusing has an addictive personality and addictive habits. If they are in a transition period between an habit and are in early recovery, the introduction of an addicting substance like alcohol is quite prone to trigger the development of an entirely new habit.

Sadly, switching dependency in recovery is quite frequent. As opposed to facing the original addiction, performing the required work to enter into recovery, conquer the addiction, and work to remain in recovery, several people just pick an alternative substance to meet their demand for addictive actions and effects.

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