Bill W.

William Griffith Wilson, simply called Bill W. to many people, is undoubtedly best renowned for his contribution in co-founding Alcoholic Anonymous (AA). His personal history is considerably similar to other people which have fought having an dependence on alcohol consumption. From the challenges during his life to taking his first drink, everything appeared to get out of hand. It was actually at some stage in World War 1 when Wilson’s existence would transform once and for all as a result of drink. It wasn’t a long time before Bill would develop into a complete alcoholic.

He started to be fearful as well as didn’t think that he possessed the capacity to refrain from alcohol by himself, which guided him to look for support. The Oxford Group, an evangelical organization would provide him with many of the specific tools, assistance and knowledge that he found it necessary to stay clear of alcohol consumption while educating him the value of assisting other folks in his quest. Shortly after, Bill W. and the Oxford Group worked to make the 12-step program still employed by those dealing with alcohol addiction currently. While he died in this life in 1971 as a result of other health troubles, he was sober and had been for 37 years.

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