AA and Treatment

Alcohol addiction is something that follows many people throughout their life and is quite different from an addiction to drugs. The recovering addict is faced with temptation on a routine basis. Even if you are attempting to remove drinking, temptations present themselves everywhere you turn your head. Having such easy access can make it difficult for an alcoholic to recover. However, there is guidance available. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a cost-free service that offers a 12-step program that can help the individual get on the best track to remaining sober.

AA is a group that includes recovered and recovering alcoholics who turn to each other for assistance. . The group meets at a handy location and sessions can help cope with a wide variety of problems that the recovering alcoholic may grapple with, such as evading alcohol and newly found sobriety. Once in the group, the determining of a sponsor happens to create an accountability relationship.

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